Cleaning of crowns and implants

“Do they need to be cleaned?”

I probably hear this from half of the patients when it comes to the professional care of dental implants and crowns in the dentist’s office.

If you don’t feel sorry for the money and time spent, then you really don’t need it.

But if you still want to chew with new beautiful teeth for at least another 10 years, then you really need to.

Unfortunately, there are doctors who do not tell patients about this. I don’t know for what reasons. Maybe they themselves don’t know that they need to be looked after, maybe they don’t consider it important, or maybe they just forget.

But now you will know better than any doctor how to clean crowns and implants correctly.

Basic rules of care
Crowns and implants should be cleaned every 6 months.
They are cleaned with special ultrasonic nozzles, by no means metal, and in a special mode to avoid damage to the implant or crown.
A special non-abrasive powder is used for processing – Air Flow.
At home, it is imperative to use an irrigator, often more important than a brush.